Jenkins Email Template for Robot Framework Results

Mustafa Mašetić
4 min readFeb 20, 2022

Running Jenkins jobs with Robot Framework tests can be really convenient and Robot Framework plugin for Jenkins presents results in html and generates images to track trends via charts. Of course going to Jenkins URL and inspecting results is not everybody’s first choice. Great amount of our communication happens via Email and therefore we want to show our tests results via email too. If anything it is easier to forward information to other parties involved.

Robot Framework and Jenkins

To start with Jenkins lets first install Robot Framework Plugin and create one job with some tests.

Install Robot Framework Plugin

After build is done we need to make sure our robot results are copied. We can defined some arguments like pass and unstable threshold.

Now, after job execution, results are presented in following graphics.

Robot results

Email notification from Jenkins

Sending email notification from Jenkins can be done via mail plugin. We have some arguments to define and are able to use environment variables in body. Mail template is not using templates from files, but html formatting can be done in body.

Our email example from picture above is sending following email.

Email for failing build with default mail plugin

We have not done much to format this email, it is only showcasing what can be done.

Advanced Email notification from

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